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Adopt a Rabbit


Thank you for considering adopting a rabbit

from Rabbit Rescue of MN   ! 


A lot of the rabbits in our care have gone through more than most and have already had to transition from a shelter/impound environment to a foster home. Sometimes they end up in our care after being abandoned or injured. 


Due to the special medical and behavioral needs of rabbits, Rabbit Rescue of MN has a minimum age requirement of 21 years of age for adoption applicants and primary caregivers, and all children in the household must be 10 or older. Additionally, the applicant must have reliable transportation in order to transport their adopted rabbit(s) to medical appointments as necessary.


We are dedicated to making the lives of the animals in our care as stress free as possible - which in turn means we are very thorough with our application screening process to ensure we find you a new family member who fits well in your life. 


Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment, and we want to make sure that our adoption placements are forever so making sure we find an animal that is a good fit for your family and home is a priority of ours.

Your new best friend is waiting for a furever home!

Why Rabbits?

Domestic rabbits are becoming one of the most popular house pets second only to dogs and cats. Rabbits are often overlooked because they may be known as "wild" creatures, which is the case in some instances, but not for domesticated rabbits. A lot of our intakes are "dumped" domesticated bunnies that are left outside without the proper intellect as to how to be a wild, free roaming bunny. 


Rabbits are great pets as they can be litter box trained. With proper socialization, love and affection, they are wonderful companion animals.

Why Adopt

from Rabbit Rescue of MN?

To adopt from Rabbit Rescue of MN insures you will be adding a fully vetted and responsibly spayed or neutered pet into your family.


We take great pride in ensuring that both you, your family, and your new companion(s) are the best and safest match for each other so that everyone can enjoy a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life together.  

Simple Steps to Adopting



We gather information such as birthdays, current pets, and housing of anyone who will be living in the home where our rescue rabbit(s) will live. We do our best to set up for the likelihood of a good match from the start.

Background &

Vetting Checks

We perform background checks on both the applicant and their current pets to ensure that everything is up-to-date on both ends and also have landlord approval checks where applicable. 

Receive a 

Home Visit

We schedule a home visit to meet our applicants and see where and how our rescue rabbits will be housed. This is also a great opportunity for us to educate first time rabbit owners on the essentials.


Meet & Greet

with the Bunny

We set up a friendly meet and greet between the applicant and rabbit(s) at an adoption event or at the foster's home to let them interact and see if it's a good fit on both the applicant & rabbit(s) ends.

Adopt Your New


If the applicant(s) are  approved and the meet and greet goes well, the set-up is finalized and the official adoption of your new furever companion(s) can take place!



Our Adoption Policies

Primary Caregiver. When a rabbit is adopted from Rabbit Rescue of MN, the primary caregiver must be a responsible adult of at least 21 years of age. The rabbit should be treated as an integral part of the family, i.e., no group ownership (such as a classroom pet). We do NOT adopt rabbits as pets for young children. The rabbit must be wanted by the entire family.

Indoor Housing. Adopters of Rabbit Rescue of MN rabbits must understand that our rabbits are to live as household companions. This means that they must have their primary living space indoors, and must spend every night indoors. During the daytime and weather permitting (nothing over 80° or in direct sunlight) adopters can allow their rabbits outdoor daytime exercise. If this is the case, the rabbit must be provided with an area with secure fencing, and adequate supervision.  

Social requirements. Rabbits are highly social animals, if the rabbit is going to be alone (i.e. without the company of the rabbits family or another pet) for the majority of the time, then we recommend that the adopter adopt a second rabbit as a companion to the first or to adopt a bonded pair of rabbits.


Please note: introduction to other species such as dogs and cats should be closely supervised and your rabbit should never be left unattended with said pets. Cats, dogs & rabbits can coexist very well together but should socialize together under a watchful eye.

Returns. If there are such problems with the adopted rabbit that the adopter needs to return the rabbit, we ask that you give RRMN some advance notice.  Some common sense and courtesy is expected. Once an animal is adopted from Rabbit Rescue of MN, the space vacated is usually filled within a week. A return requires two preparations:  a space must be opened by a new adoption, and another rabbit must be "bumped" from the rescue list. Nevertheless, all rabbits adopted from this rescue must be returned to this rescue in case of insurmountable problems.

Exchanges. Rabbit Rescue of MN does not exchange animals. Exceptions may be made when:


              1.  The fosterer and adopter are working together on making a match between an adoptee and a

                   pre-residing rabbit AND

              2. In the fosterer's judgement, a different match would be less stressful to the animals.

Adoption fees. Rabbit Rescue of MN adoption fees are donations that cannot be refunded. We are a federally recognized tax-exempt, non-profit organization. Donations made to us are no more refundable than they are to any other public charity.

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