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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many helpful ways to contribute

Rabbit Rescue of MN relies on our dedicated team of rabbit loving volunteers to be able to do what we do best, save animals in need.  We are always in need of volunteers to join our team! As a non-profit organization, we can provide students with school community service hours, and we are happy to complete the necessary paperwork to show their participation. Please consider volunteering, the bunnies will love you for it!


Current Volunteer Openings

Foster Coordinator. We are looking for foster coordinators that can help assist fosters in their needs for their foster animals. This includes written, and or phone communication, tracking vetting, maintaining supplies, keeping updated animal information, assisting with the adoption process, and answering questions. This can all be done right from home! 

Volunteer Coordinator. We are looking for a volunteer coordinator that can help recruit volunteers for events, home visits, transports, vet appointments, and also to help keep volunteers motivated and involved. We are looking for someone who is efficient in using Gmail/Google drive is possible, Facebook, internet/computer savvy, organized, self starter, reliable, and able to jump in and help where needed.  

Fundraising Coordinator. Provides leadership to our fundraising team, lays out the years fundraising events plan, help brainstorm new fundraising ideas.

Fundraising Committee Members. Works with fundraising coordinator in coordinating all fundraising events and also hosting their fundraisers and reaching out to raise funds for the rescue.   

Volunteer Animal Transporters. Volunteer animal transporters bring animals to/from vet appointments, home visits, adoption events on the weekends, special events that we have coming up where animals are allowed, from transports to their new foster home, etc.

Romp & Spa Event Volunteers. Bouncers make sure that everyone (human and Bun) has a fun and safe time at Romp and Spa by:

  • Setting up the Romp and Spa space (arrive 15 minutes early)

  • Cleaning up after the rabbits as they play

  • Watching the Rabbits for any stressed or inappropriate behavior (and giving Rabbits breaks with their human when needed)

  • Catching rabbits for nail trims or to assist owner at the end of Romp and Spa

  • Cleaning up the Romp and Spa Space (Takes approximately 20 - 30 minutes

Fostering. is one of the most important volunteer roles in Rabbit Rescue of MN.  Without loving foster homes we would not be able to rescue, rehab and adopt to loving homes.  RRMN will provide all the rabbit education you need as well as Xpen, flooring, food pellets and hay.  Fosters supply their own litter box, litter, daily fresh greens and lots of socialization and love. Please consider fostering!

Interested In Volunteering? Fill out an application to get started.
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