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Coloring Contest

Our merch creator is drawing a blank and looking for artists ages 12 and under to give our logo some freshening up to be printed on a LIMITED EDITION 

From now until Sunday, July 21st, get creative and add your own touch to the RRMN logo. Copies of the coloring page will be available at our events (see Events Schedule), or can be printed using this LINK

Additional details and rules are at the bottom of the logo coloring page.


- Baby Cottontail Season -

IT’S BABY COTTONTAIL SEASON and the messages are flooding in. Please read this post in its entirety.

If you find a nest with baby cottontails DO NOT disturb or relocate it. At a minimum cover it with grass/brush and any nesting material left by the mama bun. If you have a dog please refer to the laundry basket photo to keep the cottontail kits safe.

The nest has not been abandoned if you don’t see a mother Cottontail in or near the nest. Mother cottontails only visit the nest 2 to 3 times daily for a brief feeding to avoid attracting predators.

Cottontail kits grow QUICKLY and begin to hop out of the nest as early as 3 weeks. They are able to venture out on their own, weaned and independent at 4 to 5 weeks.

If you discover an injured cottontail  (baby or adult) please take them directly to a wildlife rehabber. Rabbit Rescue of MN is not equipped to handle wild rabbits.

If you have dogs please be mindful of where the nests are located and supervise more closely when they are outside… and we’re hoping that people with cats keep them indoors where they belong. They decimate the bird population and they WILL find the baby cottontails.

Contact Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville MN ( 651-486-9453) or visit their website ( 
Hoppy Spring all!

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Giving a Second Chance
to Somebunny in Need

Help change a life with your gift now!

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment to

the rabbits and their furever homes.


Donate, Foster, or Adopt to change

the life of a rabbit today.

Come play with our many adoptable rabbits or bring your own to any of our fun events!




Rabbit Rescue of MN is a 501(c)3 non profit rabbit rescue

and is 100% volunteer based. 


We are passionately dedicated to helping the lives of unwanted domesticated rabbits and rabbits who have been freed to the public who are ill, or have been abused, neglected, abandoned and are unwanted.

Upcoming Events

Every little bit helps to change
a life. Donate Today!
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